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Question 1

You have to be perfect in order to be organized.

Organization doesn´t require perfection - just motivation and determination.

Question 2

You need to have money to get organized.

It is handy to have money to invest in organizational tools - but it isn´t necessary. In fact, it just requires a little creativity to come up with storage solutions. Also - remember that the more simple you are in your possessions - the easier it is to stay organized!

Question 3

Which of these statements is true:

Clutter isn´t allowed if you are organized.
You need to devote hours a week to get and stay organized.
Spending just a few minutes each day clearing away clutter can make for an organized home
Clutter is inevitable if you are alive!! Clutter is in every home - it just requires minimum maintenance

Question 4

When you devote 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and/or evening to just picking up, it´s called:

Keeping up
Minimum Maintenance
When you devote just 10 to 15 minutes a day - it will help you to keep up and get your home decluttered. The actual term used is "Minimum Maintenance" - since you are performing a preventative maintenance routine to get and keep your home organized by means of small tasks grouped together.

Question 5

Having a routine for each day - makes for a boring life.

When you have a routine that you follow each day - if it is an effective one - you will be able to make more time for the things that are important to you that you normally wouldn´t be able to do.

Question 6

Which of the following statements shows how to get truly organized:

You need to buy all of the new, cool organizing tools to get started.
You need movitation and determination to get and be organized.
You need to have your family´s support to get organized.
If you had all of the cool organizing tools out there - you will find that you will end up having useless clutter overunning your home. If you wait until you have your family´s support behind you - you may end up waiting forever to get organized. You will see that, more than likely, when you get into the organizing habit - your family members may follow your example. If you think that you have to have everything ´perfect´ before you get organized - then it´s never going to happen. You have to be realistic. Organization just makes things more orderly around you - not perfect. That leaves the motivation and determination. Getting organized is a matter of mind. You have to have it in your mind and heart to successfully implement organization. You don´t need money, you don´t need perfection - just the right frame of mind.

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