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Question 1

Which closet should you start with?

The bedroom closet
The bathroom closet
The equipment closet
The closet that bothers you the most
You want to start with the closet that really bothers you. Once you have that one done, you will be more motivated to get another one done.

Question 2

What is the first step in getting a closet organized?

Take everything out.
Make an appointment with yourself to do it.
Throw everything away.
Get your storage containers.

Question 3

Where in the closet is the first place to start?

Hanging clothes
Just go at it
You want to start with the top of the closet, the right side if you are left-handed and the left side if you are right-handed. Doing so is the natural progression and you will get done sooner and more smoothly. If you start at the bottom, you will find that items will end up cluttering the area you just decluttered. Things tend to fall and then you have to spend more time picking them up. If you start with the hanging clothes or just go at it, will find that you didn´t have a clear starting point. If for some reason you have to stop, then you may not remember where you left off.

Question 4

When you organize a closet, you HAVE to finish it the day you start it.

It all depends on what you scheduled for this project. If you had scheduled 15 to 30 minute increments for organizing you closet, then you don´t have to finish it the day you started it. Why? Because you have it planned out to finish it by a certain time - you won´t just stop the project and leave it to chance to finish it. If you scheduled an entire day to organize you closet - then yes, you really should finish it the day you start it. It all depends on the planning.

Question 5

When should you schedule your time to organize your closet?

Morning, when you are the most refreshed.
Afternoon, when the kids aren´t around
Evening, when you are winding down from the stresses of the day.
When you are the most motivated.
Different people have different times when they are the most efficient. The first 3 answers would be different for each person. While it may be right for you, the 4th answer fits everyone. If you work on your closet when you are the most motivated, it may be in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening. It all depends on you. It is so important for you to schedule your time to organize to be the most efficient time for you to work - or else you won´t get as much done, and you won´t work as quickly.

Question 6

What should you do to keep your closet organized?

Never use it
Perform daily closet minimum maintenance
Keep it empty
Always put things back where they belong
If you make sure that you return items where they belong in the closet, you will always keep it organized. If you never use your closet or you keep it empty, you will not be making best use of your space. If you perform daily minimum maintenance in your closets - you won´t be making best use of your time even wasting you time.

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