Planning a holiday meal

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Planning a holiday meal

If you like to entertain for the holidays you probably love to cook. Planning the meal is a big part of holidays like Thanksgiving and religious holidays. Most of us are so overwhelmed with work, family and basic daily grind that we forget how to, or just don't feel we have the time to plan anything let alone dinner. I think there is time.

To plan a great family feast for the holidays you’ll want to:

1) Decide what you want to serve in advance and obtain those recipes.

2) Grocery Shop in an organized fashioned with very clear and precise lists of ingredients.

3) Your cooking and baking should also be planned out with a time schedule so you may also enjoy the holidays, not just watch everyone else enjoy them.

4) Set the table in advance making less last minute rushing around.

5) Serve the meal buffet style to reduce your last minute stress level.

Make sure you sit down and enjoy the feast you have prepared!

NOTE: Organizing tips for items 1 through 5 can be found here on this site. You will find that the detailed help with greatly cut down on your stress and bring YOU enjoyment to your holiday.



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