Planning a holiday meal item #2) Grocery Shopping

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Planning a holiday meal item #2) Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

It helps to be organized before going shopping for this big holiday feast. By now you have decided what to serve, so it's time to make that list. The grocery list is essential to the shopping for the meal. To make a solid grocery list take out all of your chosen recipes and go through each one writing down each ingredient required and how much of that ingredient is required. Now do a comparison between each of the recipe ingredient lists. By doing this you will be able to combine certain ingredients and coming up with the correct amount of that ingredient your entire meal will require. Once this is completed you are ready to make your final grocery list. Breaking down those ingredients and making one final list will sure help cut time while you are shopping. You'll want to shop at minimum forty-eight hours before the actual meal is going to be prepared. Ready, let's go shopping. Take the list to the store with a pen. Make sure to mark off each item after you have picked it up. Any items that you do not purchase at one store should remain on your list. If your list is messy and your afraid you won't be able to see the remaining items you can either circle the remaining items so they stand out, or transfer the remaining items to the new list. This way you can continue shopping until all your ingredients are purchased.



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