Planning a holiday meal item #3) Cooking & Baking

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Planning a holiday meal item #3) Cooking & Baking

Cooking & Baking

It's forty-eight hours before the actual meal will be served and you have all your ingredients. It's time to sit down and make out a time table for cooking and baking your holiday feast. Why is making a timetable necessary? The timetable allows you to see all that needs to be prepared, when it needs to be prepared and how long it will take so you can plan other activities for your holiday. Thus, by planning you will find that your holiday becomes more enjoyable and less of a chore and last minute frenzy. It's time to pull out those recipe cards again. This time while reviewing the recipes you are looking for any items that can be made in advance, and how long each item will take for preparation and cooking. Those items that can be made in advance decide if you want to make them one or two days ahead of time. The remaining items you will be serving should be listed out on a schedule for the actual day. You will find by cooking one item while preparing another and using a timetable will certainly free you up to visit with family, or enjoy some holiday TV viewing.



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