Closet Clean Out - Monthly

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How can I keep my closet more organized?

Closet Clean Out - Monthly

Cleaning out your bedroom closet monthly can be one of the easiest ways to stay organized. By consistently knowing which items are in there, there is little guesswork when it comes time to find something specific. Here are a few hints on how to make this possible.

- Set aside an hour or two to do your monthly closet clean-out the first time. The more consecutive months you actually stick with doing it, the less time it will take. (Cleaning in the future will be quick and easy!)

- Remove any clothing that is out of season, outdated or no longer fits. If you still want to keep items for later, store them in plastic totes or other similar storage containers. If you are ready to get rid of a few pieces, donate them.

- Place other miscellaneous items, including keepsakes or anything else you have stashed on shelving, in plastic shoebox totes. (These are usually available at your local chain retail store for under a dollar each.) Label each container. During your monthly closet clean out, evaluate what can be kept and tossed.

Again, the more consecutive months you do this type of clean-out, the easier each step becomes. And remember, just because you kept an item during the previous month's clean-out does not mean it is necessary to keep this month! Continually examine and reevaluate items as you do your monthly task.



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