Storing Canned Goods in the Pantry

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How can I neatly store canned goods in the pantry?

Storing Canned Goods in the Pantry

If you have limited space, storing canned goods in the pantry can seem like a difficult task. However, there are a few ways to combat this that will not cost a fortune.

First, consider investing in a soda can rack from your local chain retailer. (Walmart, Target, etc.) These are most often wire but can be made of plastic or other material. Most soup, vegetable, and fruit cans will easily stack in this type of holder keeping your pantry space neat.

Second, always know what is in your pantry. Keeping a list and marking off what is used and what is bought as you go can help keep you from purchasing more than you need, thus saving space. This list should easily be able to be posted on the inside of the cabinet door for use.

These are just two of many different ways you can help keep canned goods stored in your pantry efficiently!



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