The importance of: Your calendar system

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Why should I use just one Planner?

The importance of: Your calendar system

Everyone should have a well devised calendar system. I discuss methods for calendar development in my book, “Organizing For the Business Professional.” Everyone whether they admit it or not, relies on a schedule. In the business world you must maintain a calendar to follow and keep on schedule. If you are a business professional there is no avoiding using a calendar.

Today, there many calendar options for you. Old school - paper calendars are still sold and purchased by us the consumers. New school - techno calendars are more widely used in this day and age. It doesn't matter if you use old school or new school methods, if you are comfortable and have system that works for you is what’s important. You can debate until the cows come home which is better inputting and backing up being safer versus using a paper calendar that can't be accidentally deleted. The bottom line is using a system, any system that gets you where you need to go on time each time is what matters.

Find the right calendar system for you. Make sure to implement and follow the calendar system you establish.



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