Organizing Your Desktop

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How can I keep my desktop clutter-free?

Organizing Your Desktop

Everyone has their preferred desktop style or look. Ok, I don't care if you have paper holders, or pen sorters on your desktop, as long as you are using them. If you are not using the "organizer" on your desk it's a waste of money and space. I also don't care if you have a picture of your family or a trinket that makes your work area more pleasant for you each day. The only key to the personal stuff is keep it minimal or it becomes clutter and is in the way of your daily productivity.

The most important advice you can be given on organizing your desktop is simple keep your desk visible. You can read more about this in Organizing For The Business Professional by RJ Morris. The book outlines the three simple steps to keeping your desk organized: 1) If you are not working on a file -file it back, 2) Never have more than one file open at a time, and 3) Clean up your desk at the end of each day.

Keep your desk top visible and your day will run smoother.



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