Managing Business Card Overload

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How do I keep business cards under control?

Managing Business Card Overload

In the age of technology there is one old school method that remains: the business card. No matter how much technology we own, we still purchase and hand out our business cards. Thereby, we gather business cards. Those cards come from everywhere friends, associates, clients, sales people, marketers (door to door), and those we choose to pick up.

Many people have stacks of business cards piled in our office. Why, because who gets a card, comes back to the office and throws it in the trash? The problem with disposing of business cards is that feeling we might need that at some time or another. So we simply keep every card we gather. This creates clutter, organized or not, it’s still clutter.

What should you do about that business card clutter? Honestly, it’s time to toss them in the good old waste basket. Yes, I’m serious. If, in fact, you have stacks of business cards, or over filled business card holders, or business cards stuffed in some basket or drawer it’s time to eliminate the clutter.

You may go through the business cards so you don’t feel you’re throwing out important information. Only keep those cards you REALLY NEED. This means you may only keep one business card per doctor, your pharmacy, dog groomer, favorite salon, so forth. Only keep cards of business professionals you use. For those professionals you don’t use, but are considering you may keep for one month. After one month if you haven’t used their service you probably aren’t going to. The ones you are keeping temporarily you may place in a business card holder just remember to clean that out monthly. The one’s you are keeping permanently transfer them to your handheld device and file the cards in your rolodex. Feel free to stop by contact data tip for advice on proper handling of the business cards you choose to keep.

For all those cards you have reluctantly agreed to toss out, go for it. Toss them out.



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