Storing Supplies

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How do I store items that are infrequently used?

Storing Supplies

There should always be one central location where your office supplies are stored. The best location would be a cabinet centrally located to all office stations, or located in your file room. You want them to where everyone can easily access supplies, but they are out of sight so your clients/ customers can not see them. The cabinet you choose to store your supplies in should be kept organized. Make sure you don't just throw things in the cabinet. You need to actually take the time to make sure all the pencils are together, all the paperclips are together, all the printer cartridges are together and so forth. It's a supply closet you don't have to be anal about the organizing process; you just have to be tidy. Having an organized tidy supply cabinet will allow easy access to the supply you need when you need it.



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