Keep Records Up-to-Date

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How do I make sure I have only updated information?

Keep Records Up-to-Date

In business we find that changes are inevitable. Keeping up with them is a chore. However, it is essential to keep current. By doing so, we are able to keep our business moving along smoothly.

Failing to keep up might just bring us to a grinding halt. Thereby, you might want to consider devising updating rituals for your business records.

To devise rituals all you need is:

(1) Make a list of all records in your office that may require updating (e.g. Procedural Manual, Disaster Plan, Tax Related, Maintenance Schedule, Rolodex, BlackBerry, Employee Handbook, so forth).

(2) Decide how often each one needs to be reviewed and revised.

(3) Make a schedule for updating, for instance, you might want to update your Procedural Manual every six months, or you might want to update your rolodex monthly. Whether you’re updating weekly, monthly or annually make sure to schedule these events on your calendar.

By keeping those important records up to date you’ll find another efficient method to keep your business running smoothly.



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