Coupon Organizer

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How do I organize my coupons?

Coupon Organizer

The coupon organizer is a purse or box like item you use to transport your coupons from your home to the store helping organize your shopping experience.

Basic Coupon Organizer: You can get a simple soft carrier, preferably with two dividers (which you can make yourself if necessary. The coupons will be placed in three sections. The first section is all your coupons (for those of you who like last minute buys at the store), the second section contains those coupons you have presorted for your grocery trip (the items you actually plan purchasing) and the last section can be used for when you are at the store and you need to separate out the coupon once you have pulled your grocery item and crossed it off your list.

Fancier Coupon Organizer: To get the most benefit from your coupons they must be organized. The most common organizers are small file boxes or the velcro-wallet type. But it´s the category dividers that are the most important to finding the coupon you´re looking for. While many of these organizers come with a set of dividers and labels, you may need more dividers tailor-made to your needs for your system to be effective. Try cutting file folders down to fit to the size of your organizers and making your own labels.



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