Drawer Storage Carts

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Drawer Storage Carts

Plastic storage carts with drawers are currently a popular item and are easy to find at stores such as Target or Walmart. They come in all sizes from the mini drawers to keep small things like jewelry in, to the larger models that stand 4 feet high. I always look for one feature in particular when purchasing a plastic drawer unit. I look for drawers that can be pulled completely out of the unit. Why? It gives the unit greater versatility and more mobility for the belongings inside. As an example if you're using a storage cart for hobby supplies, you could pull out the drawer that contains all the paints and brushes and set it on a desk or table to begin a project. A drawer that contains cleaning supplies can be pulled out and carried to the area that needs cleaning, or a drawer with children's toys could be pulled out and carried to a different room of the house where the child wishes to play.



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