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Question 1

You can file papers by subject.

When filing, your should file papers in the way that you look for them. If you will look for them by subject, then you should file them that way.

Question 2

When you file a paper, you file it first by date, and then by name.

When you file a paper, you should file first by the first letter of the last name and then from the current date back.

Question 3

You should file papers daily.

If you have an overflow of papers, you should file daily to avoid a pile up of papers. If you don´t have too many papers coming in to be filed, then you should at least file them at the end of each week.

Question 4

At the end of the year you should __________ your files.

You should archive your files at the end of each year in order to keep things from getting cluttered. Archiving in this way also allows you find papers easier in the long run.

Question 5

Only one person should be in charge of filing papers.

To avoid mixing up the filing system, only one person should be in charge of filing papers in one place. Different people have different ways of filing. To keep files in the same order, assign one person to do the filing.

Question 6

When selecting a file cabinet on budget, you should

get the cheapest one available
buy the best you can within your budget
get the top of the line - even if you have to go into debt for it
You want to buy a file cabinet of the best quality you can afford. The cheapest ones tend to get stuck or something goes wrong. It is best to buy one of better quality. You won´t regret it.

Question 7

To keep tabs on how important a filed paper is you

highlight the top corner every time you pull it out as reference
highlight the title
fold the right corner down
If you highlight or mark the top corner of the paper, you will know that that file is one that should be kept. Other ones can be tossed over time. If you just highlight the title - that won´t accomplish much if you are just looking through the files. If you fold the corner down, it can become unfolded, and you won´t know if it is a keeper or not.

Question 8

Which of the following shouldn´t be used in a filing system.

folders with assorted colors
hanging file folders
paper clips
Paper clips should never be used in a filing system! If you have a paper clip holding a few papers together - a paper that doesn´t belong can get stuck in those papers, the paper clip can fall off and it won´t be serving the purpose. If papers should be held together - use a stapler.

Question 9

A __________ is a wise investment for organized filing.

A labeler allows you to mark folders quickly and it is pleasing to the eye. Stickers just add clutter. A Caddy is just for the desktop - not a filing system. A pen can mark papers, but doesn´t really make for an organized filing system.

Question 10

Your should spend 10 to 15 minutes at the end of each work day to file your papers and clear off your desk.

If you spend 10 to 15 minutes at the end of each day to file papers and clear off you desk, you can go home with a clear mind and come into the office to a clean and organized desk.

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