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How do I organize my children´s schedules?


Many office calendars use the Week-at-a-glance calendar set-up. You may find this works perfectly for your home particularly during those times when the kids are participating in sports or other activities. Gather together all those activity schedules and any other papers or calendars containing information for the upcoming week. Then type on your computer a list for the week giving the information for the activities happening on each day. If typing out the calendar is not something you have time to do, you may also simply write out the events on a blank weekly calendar. You can post this calendar on the refrigerator where it was easily visible to everyone.

Monthly versus Weekly:
If you find using a monthly calendar system versus a weekly calendar system no problem. Just remember when using monthly you need to give the calendar a weekly check to make sure that you continue to add all new events that might arise. By doing a weekly check you will insure that the activities don’t get overlooked and little Johnny is left sitting at band camp at 8PM all alone.

How can I organize children´s toys?

One More Lego Tip

One other problem you may encounter if the kids love Legos is whether to keep all those instruction booklets that come with the kits. Try keeping all the instruction books together in a binder (or file folder) as a quick way to find the one you´re looking for it.

How can I organize my children?

Bedtime Reading

Part of feeling organized is having what you need where you use it. For small children who like to read in bed before falling asleep, keep a basket of books on the floor beside their bed within easy reach. Make sure you put a fresh supply in the basket each week, and put last week's supply back on the bookshelf.

How can I organize my children´s papers?

School Newsletters

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of news the kids bring home from school? Try reading the bulletins from school with a highlighter handy. Highlight the important - times and places of events, and what you may need to bring. Keep these newsletters in a binder (or file folder) for quick reference when you need it them. In this instance you might want to make the cover of the binder (or file folder) fun and colorful using the school colors, name, logo and screaming school spirit. By brightening up the binder (folder) the entire family will enjoy participating in the school events and helping plan for them.

How can I organize children´s toys?

Lots of Legos

Do your children have a vast amount of legos? Try separating the "people" Legos into their own special container. Kids love it.

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