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How do I keep my drawers organized?

One In/One Out

One way of keeping the clutter in your drawers under control is to toss out an old thing any time you add a new thing or as it's also known, the “One In/One Out” rule. This principle works especially well in clothing drawers as we tend to hang on to our old stuff thinking we'll wear it someday (even though chances are we won't). If you add a new piece of underwear, chose an old one to toss. New pair of socks? Pitch the old ones with holes. New T-shirt, sweater, jeans? The same principle applies. See if there's an old item you'll no longer use and replace it with the new.

How can I organize my closet?

Quick Closet Makeover

Give your closet a quick and easy makeover by simply replacing your hodgepodge of flimsy wire hangers with all plastic tubular hangers of the same color. The tubular hangers don´t get caught together like the wire ones, and keeping everything the same color creates a clean, uniform look that makes a big visual difference.

How can I organize my closet?

Wasted Head Space

Take a closer look at the shelves in your closets. The horizontal space on the shelf is probably filled, but what about the vertical space above it? Some creative solutions for filling this space include using hooks on the shelf above, putting storage drawer carts on shelves (leave the wheels off the bottom), or adding another shelf in between.

How can I keep my dresser drawers in order?

Keeping Drawers in Order

Separate the space in your drawers with boxes. It's common to use organizers in our silverware drawers and desk drawers, but the same principle works in drawers containing clothing or personal care items. I find boxes are especially helpful in sock drawers.

How do you store Items?


When you store your items, store little-used items away. On a shelf, keep the less-used items in the back and keep the items you use frequently in the front of the storage space.

How do I keep maganizes organized?

Storing Books on a Shelf

There isn't one perfect way to store books on shelves. It depends on how you look for a book. If you look for a book by subject - then store them by subject. If you search for a book by author, do it that way. Others put books on shelves by color - I only suggest that if you just have them there as decoration - otherwise - you will have a difficult time finding the book you are looking for.

Copyright 2002 Linda M. DePaz

How can I organize my closet?

No Higher Than Two

If you're stacking storage boxes on closet shelves, limit yourself to a stack of just two boxes. Stacking boxes three, four, or even five deep makes it difficult to get at the boxes on the bottom. People are usually willing to move one box to put an item away in the box underneath, but will get discouraged and quit if they have to move a whole stack.

How can I store magazines?

Magazine Storage

Organize magazines by cutting cereal boxes in half on a diagonal- they fit perfectly!

How can I keep socks together?

Avoiding the 'Odd Sock' Problem

Do you end up having odd or mismatched socks in your drawers? Folding one sock inside the other keeps them together. Copyright © 2002 Linda M. DePaz

How can I organize my closet?

Closet organization

In order to better organize your closet and more specifically your shoes, use the original boxes. Store them on a shelf (stack upward for more storage) with a quick description written on the end facing you, or tape a picture of the shoes to the end of the box. This makes things easier to find and makes your closet neater!

How can I store photos so that they are easy to take with during an emergency?

Storing Photos for Easy Taking in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency evacuation, deciding what and what not to take with you can be heart wrenching. Luckily, there are a few ways you can store photos that allow you to not risk losing precious family memories.

First, make sure all photos are contained in an easy tote or box for removal. This can be a cardboard or plastic filing box, available from most major chain stores. Remember to keep an extra copy of any photos you have framed on the walls, as trying to carry photo frames with you during an evacuation can be tough.

For digital memories, be sure to keep a backup either online or via an external hard drive unit. If choosing the latter, keep the external photo storage in the same box as the rest of your photos so that it will not be accidentally left behind.

What is a good way to store my CD´s and DVD´s?

Organize Your Music

When you go to the music store, see how they have their music sorted. Do the same at your house. Copyright © 2002 Linda M. DePaz

How can I organize my closet?

Efficient Closet Layout

When you use your closet, make sure that it is laid out in an efficient manner. Plan out how you tend to go to your closet. Should you add shelves or drawers? If so, go to a Home Store or hire someone to help you plan a closet that is more efficient for you to use. Copyright © 2002 Linda M. DePaz

What is a good way to store my CD´s and DVD´s?

Organize Your Videos

While you are in the video store, see how they organize their videos. When you get home, organize your videos in the same way. Copyright © 2002 Linda M. DePaz

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