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How can I organize my computer?

The Other Half Of The Mouse

Learning to use the right side of your mouse will help you get acquainted with many shortcuts and ways to modify displays to your liking. For example, right clicking on the "Start" button gives you a pop-up menu in which you may choose "Explore" to quickly move to the Windows Explorer. And in newer versions of Word and Word Perfect, misspelled words are signified with a wavy line, which when you right click on the word you see a pop-up menu suggesting correct spellings. Be bold and experiment with the right side of your mouse.

How do I organize my computer?

CD & Disk Storage

CD Rom's and computer disks for software programs are often kept in small boxes purchased at office supply stores. This method can leave you hunting for the instruction booklets that accompany them. It's more effective to keep CD's and disks in file folders along with their instructions. Use the media storage boxes when there are no instruction booklets.

How can I make sure I remember my cell phone?

Don't Forget Your Phone!

When recharging a cell phone, lay it on top of your purse or keys when you plug it in so you'll remember to pick it up when you leave your home or office.

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