Reception: Telephone Central

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Reception: Telephone Central

One of the most important stations in an office is the reception desk. In addition to being the person someone see's when entering an office, they are also phone central. The reception desk maintains all incoming communications. The reception desk controls where the call is routed, hands out all messages, maintains controls of solicitors, and acts as a front desk call guard protecting you from unwanted calls.

It's important that your receptionist is always organized. This area can become very hectic and it's important that your receptionist knows where everything is at all times. In order for this to happen her desk must be maintained, cleaned and well organized on a consistent basis.

A system should be developed and utilized that allows her to know at a moments notice where phone messages (mail, deliveries, etc) are for every person in the office. With minimal conditions by management the receptionist (if experienced) should be allowed to develop the system that will work best for her. Remember she's your phone central and it's important that she has control of the situation, allow her the freedom to develop and utilize a working system. If her system works great you should be pleased with the outcome. If her system doesn't work you can tweak it accordingly, while taking in to consideration her working style.

Keep telephone central buzzing without hang ups.



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