Planning a holiday meal item #5) Serving the meal

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Planning a holiday meal item #5) Serving the meal

Serving the meal

The best, easiest, less confusing and most productive way to serve the meal is using a buffet style self serve in the kitchen. By laying out the items in the kitchen for a buffet meal, make sure to place serving spoons in each item. Also, make sure that all plates, bowls, napkins and utensils are set out for your guests. The condiments should also be put out near the buffet for easy access. Even though you are serving buffet style meals you might want to wait until the guests are seated before refilling their drinks. By refilling the drinks after the guests have been seated will lessen what the guest has to carry back to the table and is a nice final touch.

Now you are ready to enjoy your feast. Sit down and actually eat and enjoy your company. You desire to enjoy the holiday. By following some these time savor ideas you should be able to enjoy the holiday with everyone else.




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