Scheduling Appointments Efficiently

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Scheduling Appointments Efficiently

Let's face it in society today we are just a bunch of multitasking, overbooked, hardworking individuals trying to stay ahead of the game. We want to provide a good product/ service. We want to make everyone happy. But we forget it's ok to slow down and breathe. It's ok to slow down.

How can we slow down? Its simple don't overbook your appointments. Yes, it's important to keep things moving along efficiently. We want that well oiled machine working for us. Just remember to be well oiled it has to get oiled. Thereby the machine has to stop and be serviced. We can apply this to our daily lives. We need to sit down and relax, breathe, think and readjust. Don't rush from appointment to appointment, or worse yet overbook those appointments so that if you need to pause or your customer/ client needs to pause it doesn't throw your whole day off.

If you take the time to schedule the appointments with allowance for a five or ten minute break between each one you and your client/ customer will appreciate you more. You become ten times more efficient. Why? Because you are calmer, you are more aware and you are ready for that appointment, not wheeling from the last one. Your customer/ client will be ten times more grateful. You'll probably get ten times more business. Slow down and make more money.



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